Monday, May 18, 2009

Somebody order a wind farm?

The answer to this morning's "Where in the QC is this?" was answered by Anonymous at 7:11AM. The image was wind turbine blades stored at the former Caterpillar plant in Mt. Joy. I haven't seen a news story about this, so does anyone know any more about why these are being stored there? According to my source, they've been seen coming in from the north on Highway 61. I can't figure why they would bother unloading them in a parking lot just to have to reload them later. Apparently the manufacturers of the various parts must not have enough on-site storage. The only other possibility I can think of is that they're part of the shipment that Alter barge lines helped move last year. That only involved the blades though, whereas the blades, nacelles, and tower segments are all stored at Mt. Joy. I guess I should "Ask the Times." Here are some more images.

As a commenter said in the previous post, these the turbine nacelles look a lot bigger on the ground than they do at the top of a 200 foot tower.

For those who don't know where this is located, it is across from the Davenport Municipal Airport north of town. They are best seen from North Harrison, which is also 1st Street in Eldridge. To get there, take Brady/Highway 61 to the Mount Joy exit, and go west. When that road comes to a T at the airport, go right and start looking to your right. Unless they move these all out within days, you'll see the windmill parts.


Anonymous said...

Acording to Dwyers and Michaels web site (Ask us anything):

At the old Caterpillar plant in Mt. Joy they have a bunch of windmill parts. Are they going to be putting those up around here or are they just being stored?

We think they are just being stored there until they are transfered. There is a generating plant going up in Colorado but the land is not ready yet so they are being stored until the land is fully prepared.

Anonymous said...

I think those might be from Clipper out of Cedar Rapids.

Anonymous said...

If anyone is especially curious, there is a job trailer on site for the company hauling these things in. It's an outfit from Minnesota. I'm sure they could tell you what the ultimate destination for these things is.

Tory said...

QCI: Don't know if you saw it, but it was in Ask The Times this morning, and STILL no answer!

Neither the folks at the industrial center or Acciona Energia would comment.

The mystery deepens . . .

Anonymous said...

The wind turbines are being stored and electronic components added by DH Blattner Energy Systems.
They have a temporary location in Mt. Joy. I don't know if they plan on looking for a permanent site or not.

Hope they can join the QC Business community permanently!

paul said...

They are now leaving the area en route to DeKalb, Co. IL for a wind farm 150 turbines in size.