Saturday, May 09, 2009

4 Years

On May 9th, 2005, I introduced myself as a guest blogger on Daily Davenport Politics, hosted by Fly on the Wall. Here I've linked to a reprint of that first post, since DDP is no more. Four years of QCI. In some ways I can't believe that I've been doing this for that long, but in other ways it feels like its been longer.

When I started, the big issue of the day was whether the casino would build a new 10 story hotel in the riverfront. If you'd asked me back then what the status of that project would be in 2009, I would have guessed it would already be open by now. Instead we have a casino that treats us like 2nd class citizens to its "main" property in Bettendorf. Coincidentally, I've evolved from an IOC-defender to someone who believes the first step to getting the most out of our gambling license is getting it away from the Isle. People really do change their opinions.

On the other hand, 4 years ago people were complaining about the skybridge and the Figge and D1, etc. Four years later they still are. My feelings on downtown Davenport haven't changed a bit in the passing years. It is the heart of Davenport, and the rest of the city won't succeed without a healthy heart. Its time for some other people to change their opinions on that.

I got in around the peak of Davenport political blogging. Fly loved getting into the nitty gritty of campaign fundraising and politics, and people loved to send him juicy tidbits. Colonel Davenport had all the inside gossip, and I was there to stir up people and invite dozens of insults. It was rowdy but productive. Aldermen, activists, and other movers and shakers of Davenport were frequent commenters. Much of that seems to have died down. I do miss seeing debates play out between rivals like Bob McGivern and Niky Bowles.

Do I ever want to hang it up and retire from the world of blogging? Sometimes. While I'm always glad that the people who have nothing to bring to a debate except insults seem to disagree with me the most, sometimes the insults and lies get old. See Cruiser's recent post for the kind of garbage rumors that people start. However, I'm a fighter, and I don't like to give in to those kind of tactics. So I stay at it because I'm stubborn, but the bigger reason I stay at this is the comments, emails, and personal contacts that have come from writing this blog. A lot of people read but don't comment, and that's ok. The words of encouragement, the occasional great debate or discussion, and the frequent emails from people outside the QC interested in visiting this great community... those are the reasons I keep writing. So thanks to all my readers. And to those who just like to start rumors or espouse negativity, I'll still be here fighting the good fight.


At 5/09/2009 12:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good blog entry. The QCs need more people like you who are proud of their community.

At 5/10/2009 8:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You and your site a breath of fresh air. Keep up the good work.


At 5/10/2009 9:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really liked your piece on how McGivern could have run over a kid or somebody's grandmother in the pizza parking lot. That was one of your best posts.

At 5/10/2009 11:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations on another anniversary.

At 5/11/2009 8:23 AM, Blogger pioneer98 said...

I have a great deal of respect for bloggers. Even the ones I disagree with. It does take some very specific skills if you are going to last. Congratulations on your longevity, QCI.

At 5/11/2009 11:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How come your position on Lindsay Park doesn't make you one of the naysayers you so often condem?

At 5/11/2009 4:48 PM, Blogger QuadCityImages said...

I'd say I have a pretty solid record of being against tearing up historic things for parking.

I've never said people are supposed to blindly support everything. Anyone is going to have things that they like and dislike. I just feel there is a large group that does not support ANYTHING new or different.

At 5/12/2009 7:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats QCI, on a job well done. You have outlasted them all!!
In regards to Lindsay, they are about 50% right on. Remove the BB Courts and allow a well lighted and landscaped path to lead directly to parking & the businesses on 11th...

Continue the good work!


At 5/12/2009 5:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great work!


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