Thursday, February 05, 2009

Movies of the QC

Sugar, the movie that was shot here last year, will be premiering in New York and LA on April 3rd, with a possible larger theatrical release coming later. Here's the website, and here's the trailer:

(I had the trailer on YouTube embedded here, but it broke the blog. Just click here to watch it.)

I would think it looks pretty good, but I'm still worried that its going to portray Iowa as some "white's only" hick state from the 1950's. At least it appears to portray Modern Woodmen Park as the beautiful ballpark that it is. Hopefully it will show in theaters here so we can find out before it goes to video.

Speaking of movies filmed here, remember The Hideout? Whatever happened to that? The Avatis' movie that was filmed here a few years ago never seems to have gone anywhere. There's a website for it, and it can be found on DVD in Italian, but it never seems to have made it out in English. I know the plan was for the American actors to do their parts in English, and the Italian actors to do theirs in Italian, and they'd dub half of them for each release. I emailed some public relations firm in Italy to ask about the movie's status, but got no response. I probably should have emailed the QCTimes's David Burke. Any readers know what happened? I know a lot of locals got small parts and worked as extras.


Matt said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Sugar. I'm also a bit apprehensive about content, but everything i've ever seen or read about the film leads me to believe anything outwardly "backward" is relegated to a bar scene with some racial slurs, so hopefully it reads as general idiocy that would be stuck in any movie for conflict's sake, not the picture painting of some across-the-board mindset found in iowa.

i was given the "When It Was A Game" box set for xmas. damn i loves me some classic baseball footage.

Robbie C. said...

yeah, i would hate to see iowa painted as a bunch of racist hicks as well. but then again when you go to places like marshalltown or other cities with slaughter houses, you see just how much hatred and racism is still alive and well. all because some hispanic guy is willing to work on the kill floor for less and is 'taking white peoples jobs.'