Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Morning Open Thread

This is just a good ol' thread about whatever people want to talk about.

Just a few conversation starters from me:

I watched the Davenport city council committee meetings on TV last night, and they definitely made it sound like the Forrest Block building would be market rate units. That's great news. As far as the parking, it seems like a bigger deal is being out of it than needs be. The great thing about adding residents downtown is that they have the opposite hours of the thousands of people who work downtown. There's plenty of free parking downtown after 5, so when residents come home from work, there it is.

Don't forget the Promise meeting tomorrow night at 7PM in the Redstone Room, although I'm not sure who is left that hasn't picked a side. If I had to bet money, I'd suspect that it won't pass, but I wouldn't have guessed that River Renaissance would get 70% percent of Scott County's votes either. Its easy to underestimate the silent majority. I'll have a post about the Promise sometime in the next week here.

Also tomorrow night is a presentation about the Corridor Study drafts, that are now available here. There's some very interesting stuff, but I'm hoping to do a post about that later also. The presentation is at 5:30PM in the Police Station community room.


Shelley said...

QCI-I thought that I read somewhere that the City was committing HOME money to the project. In that case, there will have to be some income restricted units. Not sure though.

Anonymous said...

Pretty quiet QCI, nobody alarmed at the Council/landlords/homeless shelters/NikkiLand/Keith/cop chases/farmers market/gamblers/smokers/drunk politicians/untruthful churches/city dept managers/nothing . . . mebbe it's the late-winter-blahs.

Come-on Spring.

QuadCityImages said...

Those days were good for the blog business, but not so good for our city or its reputation.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cruiser wore everyone out?

PrivatePigg said...

I've put up a "Mount Rushmore of Sports" for Davenport, Iowa after seeing ESPN doing a similar thing for different states in the Union. Would appreciate any thoughts.