Friday, January 02, 2009

Oneida Landing/ Creative Tile building images

I managed to get a couple pictures today of the reconstructed Warren Radio or Creative Tile building at the foot of Oneida Street in Davenport. Here's an old QCTimes article about the renovation, which added 1 and a half stories to the existing building. One thing I don't see in the article is what the building will be called. Hopefully something better than "the former Warren Radio building."
Hopefully they can landscape or otherwise disguise the blank wall of the underground parking level. Aside from that, its a great building for visitors to see when disembarking from the riverboats that dock at Oneida Landing.
Hopefully these sell like hotcakes and demonstrate to the timid local developers that people want to live near the river. Maybe they'll even notice that people want to live downtown.

And yes, I'm trying to post more in 2009.


Anonymous said...

The two McNamara's are local developers. They also put up the out of place building just north of the NorthWest Bank on Locust near 5 points. That building also has underground parking, and they did little to hide the way it looks. Then they put in some low end tenants into the place to get it filled.

This is disappointing, as they did such a good job on the first one they put up on Eastern.

Anonymous said...

I guess the wall doesn't look all that bad to me; there's still seems to be a texture to it.

FormerIAGal said...

Dating myself here, but no matter what they name it - or how successful it is - it will always be the "KSTT" building with Spike at the "Mike".....

Anonymous said...

This is not the KSTT building. The old KSTT sits to the west of this construction site.

The concrete basement wall does have some'texture' with the lines in it attempting to make it look like brick. It's the same with a steaming pile that has corn in it for 'texture.' At the end of the day, both texture jobs look like poop.

QuadCityImages said...

Nice and classy there 1:21.

The wall isn't terrible, it just needs a bit more. In the rendering from that QCTimes article a few bushes are shown in front of it, so I believe landscaping should help come Spring. It already looks better than the basement wall of the Creative Tile building looked before renovations.

Anonymous said...

I think they will have to rent like hot cakes.
As far as I know they are not for sale.
QC still needs more condos for sale close to down town. Prob just have to wait for the rentals to get converted after the tax credits expire. Tax credits seems to be the only thing that make the conversions work.
I hope they do pick a cool name for the building and put it up on a sign located on the brick street side, to break up the elevation. Kind of like the "One River Place" sign. Only in black, and back lit real cool at night.

Anonymous said...

Like most faux finishes, I think the brick pattern will look a little better when it is a bit worn and dirty. A new brick or stone wall looks a little "too good" too.