Monday, December 29, 2008

An interesting donation

Former resident offers $50,000 to fix Clinton church's bell tower -QCTimes

Its always neat to read about someone making something of themselves and then returning to make a difference for their home town. In this case, a man whose father was a pastor at a church in Clinton returned to the city for the first time in 42 years, and decided to put up $50,000 towards repairs to the church bell tower. I just read this article last night, and was interested to find out that the person donating the money, Curtis Priem, is one of the co-founders of NVIDIA, which makes graphics chips for computers and video game consoles. I've been using NVIDIA graphics cards in every computer I build simply because I prefer them to the competition. Now it looks like I have another reason to support this company.

Now if we could just get the CEO of McDonalds to put some money into the city he went to high school in...

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Anonymous said...

I had no idea that guy had anything to do with NVidia' that's incredible. I've also been using those cards for YEARS - what a great product.

That's funny you should mention the McDonald's CEO...who knows, you can always hope, right? I'm from Canton, IL and gold just fell out of the sky for my hometown from a former citizen too.

A guy by the name of Cook is pouring millions in to a new medical products factory in an otherwise dieing town to try and help the place out. He even bought up several properties in the downtown to help push the development.

It's certainly nice when your most successful former citizens come home to help a community out. In Canton's case, it couldn't have come a minute sooner.