Thursday, March 27, 2008

Good news for the Blackhawk, and Pick one: Zoo or Buses

City approves transfer of Blackhawk Hotel -QCTimes

You really had to see Restoration St. Louis's presentation last year to appreciate the possibilities with their renovation of the Blackhawk Hotel, but I think it could be the biggest project for downtown in a lot of years. Hopefully some plans and renderings will be available soon. Its also nice to see the council unanimously approve something...

2 Meetings tonight, but unless you have a Time-Turner, you have to pick one.

1.)Transit public forum
There will be a transit public forum on Thursday, March 27, 2008 at City Hall, at 6:00pm.

Topics will include:
Ø The new hubs at Welcome Way and St. Ambrose
Ø How to get from the hub to the front door of Northpark.
Ø How the hubs will affect current service and improve it.
Ø Fuel (Diesel) prices and other cost factors with Citibus.
Ø Ridership Facts

2.)Fejervary Park Meeting
Thursday, March 27, 2008
6:00 – 8:00 PM
Parks and Recreation Office
Wiese Building
1757 West 12th Street
Davenport, Iowa
Topic for discussion:
The Future of Fejervary Park


Anonymous said...

Hurray for the Blackhawk! In a couple of years we can finally begin to solve some of the hotel shortage issues, and pump more life in to that chunk of downtown. Good news all around.

Anonymous said...

Now that the Isle of Capri doesn't have to fix up the Blackhawk the taxpayers, state, local and federal, get the job. Just watch how this unfolds.

Anonymous said...


Davenport sold the Blackhawk.

The developer is responsible for the re-hab.

Will they look to historical rehabilitation grants? Sure, why not?

Anonymous said...

You would prefer an empty, burnt, deteriorating, non-job creating hulk. Would you prefer demolition by neglect over the next ten years and then have the City pay to bring it down? Will it take incentives? Damn straight. I don't think there has ever been a more deserving project for exactly these types of incentives. If it will help support the Rivercenter, bring in conventions, add jobs, create more downtown activity isn't that a good thing? I hope that long term, visionary, successful projects aren't what is keeping you up at night.

Anonymous said...

3 cheers for the majority of folks preaching some sense on this topic. Contruing this as bad news is rediculous.

Anonymous said...

It is hard to imagine people with less business sense then to allow the Isle of Capri to get out of its contract to maintain a hotel in Downtown Davenport so that the taxpayer can become responsible. Tell me please how the Isle of Capri did this. You people are really stupoid.

QuadCityImages said...

So you'd rather have them continue their low quality, meth-lab-hosting, neglected Blackhawk Hotel than have a revitalized Blackhawk? The new Blackhawk will be better than it ever was under IOC, even at the beginning of their ownership of it.

Anonymous said...

The IOC barely kept the hotel up to Motel 6 standards.
I am waiting to see what will be recommended to do about the zoo. The whole park area there seems to have lost something with the closing of the art museum.

Anonymous said...

The house next to St. Pauls on Main should be moved to the Fejervary Park area where the old Beau Arts events were held.