Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Overreaction Open Thread

Now, I'm not saying the streets are dry and you can drive normal speed, but at least as of 6:15 this morning they weren't as bad as they've been several times already this year. This time though, half the town and all the schools seem to be shutting down. Maybe they're still predicting all of this to freeze later, but right now its more slush than ice. I did a lot more stepping in 3 inches of slush or water than I did slipping on ice. The forecast shows the temperature going up slightly, so I can't image its going to get less slushy. I didn't hear many weather-related problems on the police radio last night either. I wish they canceled school this easily a decade ago.

But, since all of you teachers, students, etc have the day off today, I figured I'd post an open thread. I'm working on a post about my feelings on the Promise thing, so feel free to discuss that, or anything else.


Anonymous said...

Conservative Demo here"
Topping the overreaction is channel 6 with their non-stop weather coverage. This storm is a long-term, slow-developing affair totally unlike a spring thundy or a potential tornadic episode. There's nothing more to be said about it that couldn't be MORE THAN ADEQUATELY COVERED IN A BOTTOM OF THE SCREEN BANNER.

The poor on-screen personalities already were running out of things to say when I switched to channel 8 at about 0710.

There's a logical limit to a coverage need and channel 6 exceeds it every time; why the heck am I surprised this time!

Anonymous said...

I'm curious, how much coverage is enough? I think you would probably bitch either way. Too much or not enough.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Demo here:
Doesn't make sense to argue with what someone thinks, I'll let you answer your own rhetorical question.

Shelley said...

What I don't like about the coverage is when 84 year old women living out on the farm are scared to death by the power outage information passed on about Des Moines and Council Bluffs, when there are very few outages here. Frank's Mom is very self-sufficient and still lives out on the farm near Eldridge. She was without power for five days last February and refused to leave the house because "you never know what will happen when the power comes back on". We were on a business trip to California when that happened and kind neighbors checked on her. Today she is freaked out that the power outage is coming any time, because KWQC is talking about it constantly! I understand the public safety aspect of keeping people informed, but searching for terrible circumstances to report from other places doesn't fit that category.

Anonymous said...

I think channel 8 did a good job (I briefly looked at 6 and saw that they propped up Ms. Sands behind the anchor desk and immediately switched back) they had some good coverage of how many things were closing or canceled and actual road conditions. The outdoor anchor desk is a fun idea but could they come inside for at least a segment or two? We get it, its snowing/raining/sleeting/winding.

Anonymous said...

We were supposed to have an update on passenger rail today that was postponed until next week. What? I want it now!

Anonymous said...

The word I am thinking of is; SENSATIONALIZED REPORTING! I, for one, have always watched KWQC, but the "drama" of the weather reporting is to much for me to take anymore. We went thru a spring, summer of around the clock forecasting of thunderstorms approuching. You would have thought that Hurricaine Katrina was about to hit the QC'S. The elderly in our community are scared too death that civilization as we know it, was coming to an end. I think the best way to get KWQC's attention with this matter is to change the channel. So I did. Congrats WQAD!
Enough KWQC... nothing but sensationalized DRAMA!

Anonymous said...

12/12/2007 3:49 PM

You got that right. I feel the same. I've just been in the "habit" of watching KWQC.....but no more. I've had it !