Monday, August 29, 2011

I-74 Corridor video

I don't think I posted this 2 years ago when it was released. I just ran across it the other day and don't remember watching it before. It gives an excellent rundown of all parts of the new I-74 bridge project, along with the entire I-74 corridor changes. That includes what's now being done at the 53rd Street interchange. The video also confirms that the actual bridge will be 4 lanes in each direction. Talk about a change for the better!

I-74 Corridor from Iowa DOT on Vimeo.


Jessica D'Amico (JeDa) said...

Love it! Thank you for sharing this.

ARNWRKR said...

This brings back memories. I showed this video to my apprentices about two years ago at the Iron workers Training Facility in Rock Island.Our bullet points where the same.

#1 available "funding" limitations
#2 construction over "several"years
#3 "environmental" studies
#4 land "acquisitions"
#5 "estimated" total cost $1.5

I would love to see this project
done in my life time. We've been
repairing I-74 before I was an
apprentice in 1978.

Anonymous said...

Conservative Demo here:
Geece QCI, I sure miss the good ol days of the Malin-is-not-an-asshole/Malin-is-too-an-asshole squabbles.