Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Google Maps meets the Wayback Machine

Here is the website that I used to find the 1930 aerial picture of the intersection of Kimberly and Brady seen in the previous post.

Iowa DNR Interactive Map

It works mostly the same way as Google Maps or Mapquest, or even more similarly, the Davenport GIS system that I linked to a while back.

In order to find an old aerial picture of an area, just zoom in on the area, and then over on the left hand side, scroll down to the bottom, check the box for the year you want to see, and uncheck the box for "Air Photography (CIR) 2002." Then click the "Redraw the Map" button and the map will then update with whatever version was chosen. Some of the areas have better photos than others, but overall its a fun tool to play with.

Here's an image of the website, with the area surrounding Vander Veer selected, in 1930. You can see that there was still plenty of farmland south of Duck Creek in those days.


At 10/21/2009 4:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just saw a Vasquez yard sign....
"Don't fall down and go Boom"

That is soooooo lame!

At 10/21/2009 6:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the Vasquez sign was pretty accurate. Boom is all talk and image. Really lot of talk. Lot of professional noise. No substance.Snake oil salesman.

At 10/21/2009 6:34 PM, Blogger QuadCityImages said...

So Boom is all talk, but a sign that uses a cheesy pun is substance? Boom has done a great job in the 3rd ward, and a great job bringing civility back to the council. He represents the whole 3rd ward, instead of just the area outside of downtown.

At 10/21/2009 8:59 PM, Anonymous Alexander Vasquez said...


Go back through the QCTimes articles about the pedestrian tunnel. My father attended council meetings over a seven week period and repeatedly requested Alderman Boom help him gain resolution regarding the maintenance of the area around the tunnel. It took a phone call to the State Ombudsman by my father to get the city to help maintain the property. Where was the Alderman over the seven week period that my father needed his advocating? He had also repeatedly asked the Alderman to help him with the proposed sewer tunnel matter and heard through the grapevine from a legitimate source that the Alderman refused to advocate for him. Is that responsible acting on the part of an elected official? Isn't an alderman's job to be primarily an advocate for the people in his ward, regardless of his personal feelings about their concerns?

By the way, my father has had five separate encounters with voters in the third and fourth precincts over the past week who have told him very specific stories that Alderman Boom, when called with a citizen's concern, has come to the people, listened to them, declared to them right there that the city cannot help them, and then drives away and does not follow up on their concerns. If he is such a good public servant, then citizens should feel that their concerns are met as quickly as is practicable and that they have an advocate in government. Many, many voters (and, unfortunately non-voters) in his ward are telling him that they do not believe the Alderman is working for them.

He was also told by two voters in the fourth precinct that what they believed was an computer dialer was calling them constantly about voting for Alderman Boom, and they were going to vote for my father because he actually took time to visit them in person. So it won't be a complete shut-out, I guess.

Alexander Vasquez

At 10/22/2009 7:41 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about substance from both sides. I have yet to hear what a candidate has plans on doing when he or she gets in.

How about crime? What is the candidate's idea on fighting crime when most of the citizens won't do hardly anything to help the police? Or pick another issue.

Alex, why don't you let those that are in the third ward know what ideas your father has in mind if he can get elected? Saying that this person said this about Boom really means nothing if it cannot be verified. So, why not give us some of his plans?


At 10/22/2009 3:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Boom has a pretty impressive resume of accomplishments in a mere 2 year stint. And, if I remember right, the tunnel has been maintained, and has been painted, and security lighting was added for safety. That tunnel was ignored for YEARS until Boom was elected. Was Vasquez bitching to Meyer for the 4 years prior? I doubt it sense they are buddies. Boom has brought professionalism to the council, now we are not the laughing stock of an entire state for which we live.
Alex, if your going to post, post the facts. He said, she said doesn't cut it.
To state a fact once & for all, the Boom campaign has NEVER used an auto dialer, and NEVER will. We at the Boom camp do it the old fashioned banking staffed by VOLUNTEERS, and will continue to do so.
Also, your dad should be careful using terms like "looking out for how he will spend tax dollars" meanwhile he is suing the city of Davenport. Who is he suing?=the tax payer.
Also, your signs.....Awwww, I'll leave that one for another post.

Thank you,
a Boom volunteer

P.S. Don't ever call me a autodialer, I have a more professional voice than that!

At 10/22/2009 6:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is there a reasson why Boom doesn't go door to door by himself.

At 10/23/2009 10:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

He has walked the ward for 3 consecutive elections now, and some elections he has walked it twice. (if time permits.) Who do you think is doing it, a robot???

At 10/23/2009 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey QCI, are you going to be endorsing some of the races before the election? Also, are you doing any predictions this go around?

At 10/23/2009 2:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can count on QCI's endorsement of Keith Meyer any day now.



At 10/23/2009 3:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to the official election post myself.

At 10/23/2009 3:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

QCI's endorsement of Keith is pretty funny stuff. Glad someone out there still has a sense of humor!

At 10/25/2009 4:14 PM, Anonymous Alexander Vasquez said...

NO255: With crime being a main concern of the third ward citizens my father's position is to try an approach similar to what Cedar Rapids is trying in some of their high crime neighborhoods with success--open satellite precinct offices, staffed by a police presence that gets to know the community and citizens and serves as an instant response to community safety concerns. It's seemingly working in Cedar Rapids, why not try it in Davenport? He's asked for this idea for three or four years now through the Neighborhood Watch and Third Ward Action Team meetings, if anyone has ever attended them you know he's brought it up.

Boom volunteer:
First of all, last I knew (couple weeks ago) the tunnel was still not lit and while painted sometime last year looked shabby. Maybe things have changed since then but I doubt it. Also, my father had been asking the tunnel area be maintained to Aldermen dating back to Dan Vance (remember him?), and nothing was done. Go back through Council minutes if you don't believe me. As for the lawsuit, I have no idea who is going to be "paying" for it, if indeed he wins, and neither do you unless you're with the city budget or legal department or something. Finally, I'd love to call you something other than auto-dialer or Boom volunteer, so why don't you sign your name?

Alexander Vasquez

At 10/25/2009 6:23 PM, Blogger QuadCityImages said...

If you sue the city and win, the taxpayers pay. Whether its in higher insurance premiums, or direct cost to the city, there's no magical other place the money can come from.

At 10/26/2009 7:43 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alex. Thanks for offering that. Nice plan. A little better than just saying zero tolerance. Nice to hear a reason to vote for someone outside of name calling the other guy.


At 10/26/2009 2:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonder why the Vasquez camp is going around taping up their cute little saying at the bottom of their yard signs?

I think their yard signs have fallen down and gone Boom!


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