Monday, August 10, 2009

A few words about Terry Lunardi

I have been busy enjoying the many events in the area the last week, so I have a good amount of stuff to blog about, but I first feel like I have to say something about the sad loss of Terry Lunardi.

I mostly know him by reputation and the news coverage, because I didn't actually know him personally. I saw him a lot though, because whenever I showed up at the events, forums, and meetings that I've attended over the years, he was there. He put in an amazing amount of time into making the QC a better place.

The area that I do have some personal connection with is his contribution over the years to Garfield School. I was a 6th grade student at Garfield in the final year that Davenport elementary schools had 6th graders, which I believe would have been the '93-'94 school year. At that time, a lot of exciting things were happening at Garfield. A new addition had just opened (which has since been joined by several more additions), we were starting an AM radio station (later upgraded to FM), and we had 3 business partners. They were Lunardi's, KRVR (a long-gone radio station) and I believe Junior Achievement. The Garfield radio station's call letters were KLJG, which stood for KRVR, Lunardi's, Junior Achievement, and Garfield. Even though we were only in 6th grade, we felt like we were actually involved in helping make our school better. From what I remember, a bit part of this was made possible by the contributions of Terry Lunardi. Most schools back then didn't even have "business partners," much less their own radio station. Right around that time Garfield was named a Blue Ribbon school. I don't know how Mr. Lunardi got involved with this particular elementary school, but I know that my years there were better off because of it.

We could use a lot more like him, and I'd like to add my name to the long list of people who will miss his contribution to Davenport and the Quad Cities.


Anonymous said...

I agree QCI.. If he didn't like something, he wouldn't bitch, but roll up his sleeve and get involved..

Huge loss..

Anonymous said...

I wondered if you'd mention anything about this. Terry was an incredible man both in and out of business. A loss like this will be felt for years, and it's depressing to even think about the QC without him.

Red White & Boom may have never existed without his insistence that everyone in the community deserved a fireworks show. He put up original idea, and the first funding to get it off the ground.

Each year during the 4th of July celebration, I'll be reminded of the the guy who helped make it happen for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Terry was truly an inspiration to all those he came in contact. I'm sure the has enriched the lives of many more without us knowing. He never wanted credit for his good deeds. Props goes out to the boys at Halligan-McCabe-Devries Funeral Home for doing a suburb job taking care of such a great man.