Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Davenport Political Sign Ordinance

This was requested in a previous thread:

From the Davenport City Code, which can be found here.

17.45.050 Temporary signs.
B. 3. Signs may be erected pertaining to the candidacy of federal, state and local elected officials; measures appearing on the ballot of any national, state or local election or caucus; or issues of individual or community concern not exceeding a total of thirty-two square feet and a maximum height of six feet in all zoning districts. Election or caucus signs may be erected not more than forty-five days preceding the election and must be removed within seven days after the election or caucus. Political signs shall be set back a minimum of five feet from any property line. (Emphasis added)

Edit: Also, in case anyone was wondering, the Davenport Primary Election takes place on October 6th.


Anonymous said...

First Ortiz makes the mistake of having his meeting at a bar with a less than steller reputation, and now gets busted in the chops for his mis-use of signs. Not a very good way to come out of the gate.


QuadCityImages said...

Phil and Larry's is hardly one of the bad bars around town. I rarely even hear police calls there.

Besides, some people nitpicking on blogs is hardly enough to cost someone an election.

Jimmy Halligan said...

Was Phil and Larry's the place where that guy started punching members of Davenport's finest, and then he is on the homepage of the next day with the World's Greatest Dad T-Shirt?

Anonymous said...

It was! I found a link to the picture. What a classic? It figures he is a resident of the Illinois Quad Cities.

Anonymous said...

From the previous post, didn't Ortiz promise to take down the signs? Well I was driving north on Brady today and I noticed one in front or Pleasure Pools and Spas and another in front of the old car shop at 35th St and Brady. So much for promises. Mirror of Hammerstink.

Anonymous said...

So much for promises. Ha ha ha!

Robby Ortiz said...

"I read the code that QCI posted and will have my signs down within the next couple of days. I have a heavy work load the next couple of days but will get to them as soon as possible. I am sorry if I offended anyone. I will follow the rules as they are written. I look forward to meeting and talking to everyone on the campaign trail.Thanks for your understanding on this matter!!"

7/22/2009 9:51 PM