Saturday, August 16, 2008

Rough night for emergency workers

Last night was a busy one for police, medics, and firefighters.

There were shots fired near the Kwik Shop at Locust and Harrison, involving Phillip Bogan, who you may remember was charged in connection with the shooting on East 14th back in May. It sounded like he wasn't the shooter, but may have been the target. I think it really is about 1% of Davenport's population that both causes , and is victimized by, 90% of our violent crime. Nobody got shot, but I don't believe the shooter was caught either.

Then later this morning there was a car-motorcycle collision near Menards, which didn't sound too good for somebody. When the cops call out the accident investigation team right away, its never a good sign. Welcome Way was also closed for a while.

Less than an hour after that there was a head on collision in front of Sudlow on Locust, with at least 3 people injured. There were also some other medical calls around that time, so even though 4-5am is usually a quiet time for firefighters, I think quite a few of our companies were out on EMS calls. It will also be interesting to find out later if alcohol was a factor in either or both of these accidents.

Hopefully all the injured are ok, and thanks as always to our first responders.

Also: My Jeff Speck article is delayed again, but Pioneer98 has a post about it here.


EZ Gruv said...

That sounds like a rough night all around. I went to Sudlow back in the mid 80s.

Just a note - I enjoy reading your blog. Although I havent lived in Davenport for 20 years, I still like to see what is hapenning.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you getting plenty of use out of the scanner. Funny how many things that go on in the city never make the paper.